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pea flowers

Pea Flowers



Nectarines                                                              Peaches



cherries               apricots    

Cherries                                                                Apricots


  wild            english asparagus

Wild Asparagus                                                    English Asparagus


Cherry Vine Heirloom Tomatoes           jersey royals

Cherry Vine Heirloom Tomatoes                     Jersey Royal Potatoes  


  heirloom         morels

Heirloom Tomatoes                                           Turkish Morel Mushrooms


raf toms        purple

Raf Tomatoes                                                     Purple Sweet Potatoes


  HISPI      rhubarb

Hispi Cabbage                                                  Outdoor Grown Rhubarb            


peas    garlic leaf

Fresh Peas                                                                         Wild Garlic Leaf



 nettles       sea beet

Nettles                                                        Sea Beet


sea purslane        alexanders

Foraged Sea Purslane                            Alexanders



blood orange       

Blood Orange                                                              


rainbow chard       

Rainbow Chard                                            Crosnes (Japanese Artichokes) 


leafy clems        jerusalem

Leafy Clementines                                     Jerusalem Artichoke


PREMIUM FLOWERS         wet garlic                       

Premium Edible Flowers                          Wet Garlic