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baby parsnips            heritage chan

Baby Parsnips                                         Heritage Chanteney Carrots


cox            discovery

Cox Apples                                            Discovery Apples


corn        girolles

Corn on the Cob                                   Scottish Girolles


marrows        cobnuts

Marrows                                                Kent Cob Nuts


delicia        kale

Delicia Pumpkin                                    Mixed Colour Kale


onion        squash

Onion Squash                                       Patty Pans / Yellow Squash                                


  greengages        victoria

Greengages                                         Victoria Plums                           


 muscat        fig

Muscat Grapes                                     Black Figs



Nectarines                                             Peaches


cherries        apricots    

Cherries                                                  Apricots


  heirloom         Cherry Vine Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes                                Cherry Vine Heirloom Tomatoes


raf toms        purple

Raf Tomatoes                                         Purple Sweet Potatoes


hispi        rhubarb

Hispi Cabbage                                         Outdoor Grown Rhubarb            


rowan        rosehips

Rowan Berries                                        Rosehips


sea purslane        aster

Foraged Sea Purslane                            Foraged Sea Aster


rainbow chard        yellow beans

Rainbow Chard                                        Yellow Beans                               


PREMIUM FLOWERS        violas                 

Premium Edible Flowers                             Edible Viola Flowers




Girolles, Pied De Mouton, Chanterelle, Trompette